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About the Virginia Land and Energy Navigator

Virginia 2022 Acts of Assembly HB894 Section 3: …develop a map or repository of prime farmland…to further assist localities in siting determinations regarding solar energy collection devices or energy storage devices.

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What is the Virginia Land and Energy Navigator?

Balancing economic development and natural resources conservation is an important issue to localities, the Commonwealth of Virginia, landowners, industry, and others. The Virginia Land and Energy Navigator (VaLEN) brings together GIS information related to prime farm and forestland, land conservation, brownfields, transmission lines, and other topics to support land use planning and decision-making at the local level. The goal of VaLEN is to support and inform decision-making, not prescribe outcomes. The initial report on the development of VaLEN can be found here.

A Collaborative Effort

Led by Virginia Cooperative Extension and funded by Dominion Energy, VaLEN represents a collaborative effort of state and federal agencies, non-profit organizations, local government, and industry. Development of the Virginia Land and Energy Navigator would not have been possible without the time, thought, and energy invested by the workgroup members.

Geospatial Layers in VALEN

VALEN has several layers to locate the best location for your renewable energy resource

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Land Cover and Land Use
Prime Farmland
Conservation Lands and Easements
Ecological Cores
Horizontal Irradiance
Acid Sulfate Soils
Scientific Models
Forest Conservation Value Model
Productivity Versatility Resiliency
Development Vulnerability Threat
Energy and Mining
Electric Infrastructure
Mined Lands
Solid Waste
Renewable Energy Permits
Superfund National Priorities List Sites